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New Engineering University in Hereford - Public Relations Case study


PR case study: New university in Hereford

Kelso Consulting's work with NMiTE, the project to create a new specialist engineering university in Hereford, has dramatically and quickly raised its profile in the media, bringing credibility for the project across a range of national and stakeholders and policymakers.

For such a major and innovative new venture, securing the ongoing support of a range of stakeholders including government ministers and a various agencies, national media coverage has been critical for building strong credibility.

Download the full case study to read why NMiTE undertook the campaign; why it chose Kelso Consulting; how the PR campaign supports its other growth and launch activities; and how prominent results were quickly achieved and then sustained. 

higher education public relations case study

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Download the full case study of our launch and ongoing support for NMiTE, the project to create the engineering university of the future in Hereford - opening in 2019 

About NMiTE


NMiTE, the project to create a new specialist engineering university, is one of the most radical initiatives currently taking place in both the British engineering and higher education sectors.

Due to open its doors in September 2019 to its first intake of engineering undergraduates, NMiTE ( sets out to be a radical and innovative answer to Britain's chronic shortage of professional engineers. 

It is the first of a new breed of future universities being created following government changes in legislation to encourage more innovation in the higher education sector.

Key benefits delivered for NMiTE include...

  • High-impact media coverage for NMiTE in the national newspapers such as The Times, The Telegraph, The Independent, The Financial Times and The Economist, as well as high credibility broadcasts such at the Radio 4 Today programme
  • Regular coverage in trade publications important with engineers and also academics (particularly the Times Higher Education magazine)
  • National media endorsement proved highly influential at critical moments of its development with political audiences and other key stakeholders, not least in the campaign to secure credibility with Whitehall and ultimately substantial funding from the public sector.