Thank you for joining us for our Getting the maximum impact from your management consultancy's thought leadership webinar.

Here are your recordings of the webinar, with lots of practical advice on maximising the reputation, marketing and sales impact of your thought leadership.

Next steps after listening to the webinar:


1 - What you must do after listening to the webinar to apply the lessons learnt:

Sadly all the research on training effectiveness indicates very little value comes from training and webinars because people don't apply the insights when back in the office.  Read this blog with the steps you should take to get the most value from this webinar from Kelso Consulting.


2 - Further questions from the webinar... and answers

We had a couple of extra questions we didn't get time to answer on the webinar.  Here they are and the answers.

If you have further questions (especially if they arise when listening to the recording), please do send them through as we're happy to answer them: click here.

On the webinar we tackled questions including:

Questions we did not have time to cover were:

Q: If I were to do one thing to improve our position as thought leaders, what would it be?

A:  Have a series of discussion dinners involving clients, prospects and others on particular challenges facing clients


Q: What is the most frequent mistake I come across?

A:  There are several regular ones (often several at once).  These are:

  • Launching a major campaign with lots of investment without prior experience (and consequently too little planning or resources for progressing and then exploiting it)
  • Lots of effort on creating, too little on exploiting
  • Spending all the time on the design to make it look good (which is important) but not much on having great ideas and insights (which is more important)
  • Outsourcing the thinking (as opposed to outsourcing many of the specialist and project management elements, allowing you to concentrate on developing great insights that are distinctive to your firm)


3 - Recommended reading

We talked about the importance of thought leadership to management consultancies at various points, including because:

  • It is the best way to engage with senior decision-makers and overcome the "executive sales Catch 22 problem" (senior executives are not interested in your service/product pitch until they are in buying mode... but when they enter buying mode they've already decided their favoured supplier).
  • It is one of the few proven ways to change your consultancy's reputation.
  • Tactically, a good thought leadership campaign will generate several months' high-impact content for your marcomms activity.

Additional detail can be found at: