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Writing and sharing articles your clients will find interesting should be the cornerstone of the marketing for most legal practices. 

Indeed, it was recommended back in 1993 by law firm guru David Maister in his seminal book on creating successful law firms Managing the professional service firm:

"marketing works when it demonstrates, not when it asserts.  Marketing tactics that illustrate one's competence (such as speeches, seminars and articles) are infinitely more powerful than those that assert... such as brochures, direct mail and cold calls".


Regularly posting blogs delivers numerous marketing benefits for legal practices including:

  • Boosting traffic to your website from prospects.  This is because Google loves regular new content and writing on legal issues and regulations that are important for your prospects means you will rank higher on the searches they make.
  • They provide strong material to share on LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media - after all, people share and comment on interesting material... not bland and me-too content.  
  • It is, of course, one of the best ways to stand out as an authoritative and informed advisor by demonstrating, not simply asserting, your knowledge of both the law and also broader trends affecting your clients. 
  • They are also great material for reusing in other ways, such as email marketing and for reuse by your PR agency as press comment and for articles in business publications.


But often it goes wrong at law firms.  Common problems we encounter include:

  • Coming up with the ideas and finding time to write blogs quickly gets pushed aside from daily life because of the pressures of chargeable time.
  • Overcomplicating the task with long legal essays (great if you are targeting other lawyers... but bad if you are targeting anyone else!).
  • Running dry on ideas after the first few.
  • Spending too little time on the all-important promotion of the blog, so it sadly remains a hidden gem.

On the webinar we will be tackling these problems with plenty of handy and practical tips to ensure you and your firm have a successful blogging programme up and running this autumn, including:

  • How to keep coming up with great blog ideas, including topics that don't require tons of work or research.
  • The sort of blogs that will deliver the maximum impact with your clients and also for your law firm's Google rankings.
  • Creating the editorial calendar that ensures the blogging programme works smoothly at your legal practice.
  • Turning blogs into clients: ensuring every blog is a hard-working business developer for your law firm.



This webinar is particularly for...

  • Partners in smaller and mid-sized law firms, especially those looking to grow their practice
  • Marketing directors and managers at law firms and barristers chambers

  • It is particularly relevant to those that have tried blogging, but found it too time-consuming or who struggled with coming up with ideas (as we'll be dealing with how to make it quick and painless)

This webinar is led by...

Public Relations - Tim Prizeman, Proprietor (2)-1Tim Prizeman started his career in senior communications roles at various large accountancy firms in the 1990s, and has since been advising law firms on building their reputation and generating new business for over 20 years.

During this time he has advised numerous international, national, regional, mid-sized and specialist law firms, and barristers too... including ghost-writing hundreds of articles and blogs for partners in professional firms

Tim is a director with award-winning reputation builders Kelso Consulting and author of the book The Thought Leadership Manual.