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Regularly posting interesting and relevant articles (aka blogs) should be the cornerstone of the marketing for most SaaS and B2B tech firms.

Posting blogs regularly delivers numerous marketing and online benefits including:

  • Google loves websites delivering regular new content.  Writing on issues relevant to your prospects ensures you rank higher on the searches they make.
  • Tech firms love talking about new software features and their innovative technology.  But you say "new", buyers hear "unproven and risky"... B2B sales need to be based on trust, and we'll be sharing the key elements your blogs need to build it!
  • Ensuring you have strong content to share on LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media you use, not to mention in your marketing and business press too.

But often it goes wrong - why?  Here are frequently problems we come across:

  • It all starts well, but by week three creative block has set in and the ideas are already sounding uninspiring.
  • Too much Me Me Me.   Clearly there's nothing wrong with the occasional post about your important developments... but a constant stream of minor feature upgrades? 
  • Blogs aren't shared, liked or even read.  Lots of effort, but despite all the initial hopes the blog has ended up the quietest corner of the website.

Our webinar will be tackling these and other common blogging problems with plenty of practical tips to ensure you have a successful blogging programme up and running this autumn, including:

  • The sort of blogs that will deliver the maximum impact both with your customers and for your Google rankings and what you need to include.
  • Creating an editorial calendar and getting a blogging programme working smoothly at your tech firm.
  • How to keep coming up with great blog ideas (that don't require tons of work or research).
  • Turning blogs into customers: steps you need to take to ensure every blog is a hard-working business developer for your company.

Successful blogging for tech firms (webinar and resources)



This seminar is for...

  • Founders at tech firms, especially those in start-up and scale-up phases looking to understand how blogging fits into building their reputation and generating leads.

  • Marketing directors and managers at SaaS and tech firms looking to implement a successful blogging strategy 

  • It is particularly relevant to those that blog, but find either the effort surprisingly hard or the results disappointing.