Okay, so hearing that tabloid journalists make a lot of it up and deliberately distort the facts is hardly a shocking revelation.  It is nonetheless salutory to see it in print in the reporting of the enquiry into press standards (for instance, this article in The Times).


My first encounter with this type of journalism was during my first month in PR in the 1990s. A journalist from the Sun said “I need to speak to the liquidator in the next twenty minutes or I will make up the quote”.  He didn’t get to speak to the liquidator on this very high profile insolvency, but nonetheless the next day a quote appeared. The quote was great and I couldn’t have written a better time myself, but that is beside the point!


The challenges remain – whether it is dealing with half-truths or blatant lies. Handling the hostile media is an art, and I am delighted to say that this autumn we have a very thoughtful presenters at our impending seminar on this later in October.  Please see www.kelsoconsulting.com/seminars for full details.



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