Creating breakthrough insights that grab the attention of clients, prospects and the media is not always easy. Our Thought Leadership Bootcamp Programme will help you rapidly develop the ideas, insights, content and delivery to position you and your business as a leading specialist.thought leadership guide

Starting from a clean slate (or wherever you have already reached) our step-by-step process will ensure you progress rapidly through clear and deliverable stages to a successful outcome. Our approach enables you to benefit from Kelso Consulting’s extensive experience in creating and delivering thought leadership campaigns while giving you the flexibility over who implements each part (your firm, your existing suppliers, us, or a combination of all three).

We have been involved in Thought Leadership programmes since the term was invented and our approach has helped businesses of all sizes develop leading reputation as experts. Moreover, our campaigns have won awards along the way. Outcomes from our Bootcamp will include ensuring:

  • Clear business and tactical objectives, and measurements for success (including calculating your ROI)

  • Headline and attention-grabbing insights supported by compelling proof points

  • A launch and sustained campaign that delivers media coverage, sales meetings, leads and enduring impact

  • Strong alignment and reinforcement between marketing and sales channels (including PR, social media, search and email marketing, content, events, etc)

  • Your business maximises the revenue from your insights, through both existing and new services

  • Generally helping you get from the start to the launch of your programme with the minimum distraction and the maximum impact

Thought Leadership BOOT CAMP

How will Kelso Consulting's thought leadership boot camp programme help?

When you have been involved in numerous thought leadership projects over an extensive period of time you can make things happen quicker, easier and with a much greater impact.

Our methodologies, checklists, experience and advice bring together many years of expertise. If you are going to be spending a lot of time and resources on a strategically important Thought Leadership programme, you will find our help invaluable in meeting your deadlines and surpassing your targets!

For further information, please get in contact with us by clicking here or calling director Tim Prizeman on +44 (0)20 7242 2286