The new book The Thought Leadership Manual - how to grab your clients' attention with powerful ideas was recently published by Panoma Press.thought leadership strategy london

Authored by Tim Prizeman of London public relations and thought leadership agency Kelso Consulting, the book is particularly aimed at directors, partners, marketing, sales and business development professionals in professions, consultancies and business technology firms.

There is a black hole at the centre of the marketing of many professional and business technology firms - it is the absence of commercial insights relevant to their prospects.  Instead, firms compete on having great teams, fantastic technical expertise, better service, a more personal touch and lots of capabilities... but so do their competitors!  After all, it is a pretty crowded market out there.

Successful thought leadership

By contrast, successful firms stand out by generating attention-grabbing insights that demonstrate the sort of expertise that really matters to clients. These firms demonstrate - not assert - their ability to help clients solve their biggest challenges.

The book sets out a proven step-by-step approach that takes readers from the initial steps through to the completion of a successful 'thought leadership' campaign, allowing you to get the maximum possible sales 'bang for the buck'.

One of the hardest parts of a successful thought leadership campaign is creating the break-through insights that will stand out and grab your clients' and prospects' attention. Tim Prizeman, who has won various awards for thought leadership campaigns he has devised, includes proven approaches to enable your campaigns to deliver attention-grabbing insights in his book.



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