Business growth seminars & webinars
from Public Relations specialists Kelso Consulting




With high-level B2B sales, it is the thought-provokers that stand out and successfully open-the-door for sales with senior decision-makers.

Kelso Consulting has been working with B2B businesses on such reputation-building thought leadership programmes, and at this complimentary one-hour webinar we will be covering:

  • Five cost-effective ways knowledge-based businesses, such as B2B professional and tech firms, can create great thought leadership... on a budget
  • Case studies of successful thought leadership initiatives by SME technology, consultancy, financial and legal businesses
  • Creating the business case and getting an initiative mobilised at your firm… the critical first steps
  • How to get the biggest possible business development impact from your thought leadership activities
  • Your questions answered



This seminar is particularly for...

These events are for all businesses who want to be generating sales with owners and board members based on value, not down in the basement with procurement haggling over price cuts. It is particularly for:
  • CEOs and other directors of ambitious B2B businesses, especially those in such areas as technology and outsourcing
  • Partners in consultancy and professional firms looking to grow their practice     
  • Marketing and sales directors who want their business to have the sort of reputation for expertise that enables them to out-punch larger competitors and specialist challengers

If your business primarily promotes itself using on stock claims about "great customer service", "partner-led advice", "customer-centric approach", "best people", "award-winning unique features and technology" and "strong expertise", then you definitely should attend!


This seminar is led by...

Presented by Kelso Consulting senior consultant Tim Prizeman, author of the book The London B2B PR seminarThought Leadership Manual.

In addition to winning four national awards for B2B thought leadership initiatives (three of which were delivered on limited budgets), many of the campaigns he has devised for clients have become their main business development initiatives

Tim has been working with technology, consultancy, financial, professional services and other B2B businesses on thought leadership initiatives to help them stand out as leaders in their market since before the term was coined!