We deliver prominent regular coverage for our clients in the media (print, online, social and broadcast) to build credibility, reassure decision-makers and generate sales leads.

 With new clients, we frequently generate press coverage within days of our appointment and invariably have a pipeline of articles appearing within our first month of starting.

However, we aren't just interested in getting you great coverage as important as that is for your agency! We also help our clients quickly turn the regular press coverage we generate into a pipeline of sales leads.

Elements of our PR approach include:

Ensuring the maximum online impact:

PR, marketing and online-know-how can work brilliantly together to help ensure that you are found by business people looking for your services on search engines.The key to this is appearing near the top of the all-important first page of Google. Yet, many B2B firms are almost invisible online and have websites that generate few relevant leads.law firm public relations specialists

We work with our clients to ensure their PR activity dramatically improves their online presence. In addition, we work to make sure that our clients are using the simple steps to ensure that their website continually generates strong and relevant leads. 


Becoming the recognised expert:

There is no better way to generate business than being seen as a leader in your field. It delivers leads, attracts talent, increases revenue, opens doors, builds confidence, and drives demand. There isn't a more powerful position and Kelso Consulting's approach puts you in that position.

fintech public relations agency

Our approach combines PR, thought leadership and other techniques to create powerful campaigns that reach senior decision-makers and position our clients as the 'go to' experts in their fields. In fact, many of our thought leadership campaigns have become our clients' main business development initiatives, successfully generating many millions of pounds of revenue (and some industry awards for us along the way too).


Attention-grabbing insights and content:

Today there are lots of people telling businesses to get more content to improve their marketing, and you will have come across buzz-phrases like content marketing, thought leadership and authority marketing.  

But for most businesses, generating attention-grabbing new ideas is tough. There are very few people willing to help you generate fresh and interesting insights. But, we do! Our approach is all about helping our clients generate interesting points-of-view, as well as the evidence to back it up and the  'so what?!' that means it should be on top of your prospects' agenda.  

It goes back to our strapline of 'Headline Thinking, Hardline Results': the stronger the idea at the heart of your campaign; the better the commercial results will be, and our approach is designed to deliver this.

To discuss how we can quickly deliver great results for your business, please call director Tim Prizeman on 020 7242 2286 or contact us by email.

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